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Black Suit Law’s mission is to educate and navigate business and individual clients through the legal landscape.

Black Suit Law attorneys have been serving the legal needs of Colorado clients since 2005 with measurable success.

The origin of Black Suit Law is the result of progressive changes to the law and legal profession.  All law firms in Colorado were required to be named after the legal owners of the firm until 2012. For example, SMITH, SMITH, and BARNEY Law firm was an acceptable and all too common occurrence.  While working with and for numerous law firms, I recognized that family, friends, prospective clients, and even existing clients had difficulty recalling the names of law firms that I was working for or associated with.  I wanted to build a law firm with a strong brand image that was immediately recognizable and memorable.  In 2012 the opportunity presented itself when The Colorado Supreme court relaxed the requirement that law firms in Colorado be named after the owners.  I wanted to be one of the first law firms to create and market under a brand name, differentiating our law firm from all the other law firms stuck in the past.  Local artist Jeff Stone, of Enots design, was hired to bring my vision to life and created the recognizable Black Suit Law logo.  In August of 2012, Black Suit Law was launched as one of the first law firm brands in Colorado. 

If you need assistance in developing or protecting your copyright or trademark intellectual property, please call (970) 515-5958 or fill out the intake form below to schedule an appointment with a Black Suit Law intellectual property attorney today.

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